Hello Wolpop listeners!

Do you have an iPhone, iPad or another iDevice? Then we have a special gift for your phone and your ears.

We're pleased to introduce Howl. This iOS app brings together all of your favorite Earwolf and Wolfpop shows on your device for one-stop listening and downloading. It's available in the iTunes App Store right now.

We know there are plenty of other podcast listening apps out there, so we wanted to make something special to give you complete access to all the extra stuff we include with every episode.

Along with streaming and downloading shows, Howl delivers episode descriptions, forum discussions, in-studio photos, and the latest tweets about the shows from hosts and listeners. You get all the features of the Wolfpop website -- plus the ability to take episodes with you to places where there's no internet, like airplanes, the subway, and Faraday cages!

We like to think of it as Maximum Wolf, with minimum hassle.

So don't wait -- go to the App Store now to download Howl!

P.S. Dearest Android listeners, we love you, too. We're working on an Android version of Howl, too.

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